Jodie Emery

Welcome to my Website!

My name is Jodie Emery, and I'm pleased to be the BC Green Party candidate for Vancouver West-End in the May 14, 2013 provincial election. Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about me and the BC Greens!

If you'd like an election sign or want to help me campaign on the street, please get in touch using the Contact page. My planned street campaigning times and locations are posted in the Events section.

Election Day May 14th Voting Locations

General Voting Day is Tuesday, May 14 between 8:00am to 8:00pm.

You should have had a yellow Elections BC voting card sent to your address, which you need to bring with you to make the voting process quick and easy!

CLICK HERE for Elections BC voting location info!

Get Out The Vote!

If the government said "We're going to cancel elections and take away your right to vote" would you be upset?
I hope your answer is "Yes, I would be upset - I wouldn't want to lose the right to vote!"

Your right to vote: you wouldn't want to lose it,
So on Tuesday, please go use it!

Please get out and VOTE in BC on May 14!

Click the image to watch a quick 48-second video encouraging you to Vote!

Would you like an election sign?

If you would like to show your support for the BC Green Party, please contact me and I will get a sign to you!
They are one-sided, corrugated plastic signs and come in two sizes: 1.5' x 2' or 2.5' x 4'. You can also click the image to save a download and print your own paper sign, if you like! Thank you for your help in getting out the Green vote!

When it comes to government funding the money IS there!

Taxpayers finance the programs and services that government provides, but are not really getting the quality service we deserve in return. The biggest issue facing my riding, and every provincial riding, is the government's mismanagement of tax dollars.

Most major issues that come up during elections such as health care, education, housing, and transit usually relate to the lack of government funding. The government often insists "the money just isn't there", but most taxpayers know that the money is there, because they work hard to earn income and contribute to the provincial economy through taxation.

Citizens of our province provide many billions of tax dollars to the government every year. The problem isn't lack of funds; it's the mismanagement of tax dollars. Additionally, we are often told that the only options to improve essential government services are either more taxation, or reduced programs and services. However, with complete government honesty and accountability, we can discover and deal with bureaucratic excesses and waste, re-prioritize program funding, cut bloated expenses, and get taxpayers the best service possible for the lowest price without having to raise taxes or cut essential services.

If the voters of BC choose to elect BC Green Party candidates to the Legislature, we would be able to begin "looking at the books", as BC Green Party leader Jane Sterk said during the televised party leaders' debate. Having the BC Green Party in the Legislature would ensure a higher standard of accountability, and a push for re-prioritized spending to ensure that the government provides the best possible service to the taxpayers for the lowest possible price.

If elected, I would campaign for complete financial transparency and honesty from the provincial government. We need a completely open and transparent government that will always be honest and accountable to the taxpayers that is the only way to begin getting taxpayers the services they need deserve for the high price that we pay.

Justice, Peace & Honest Government

Justice means fairness, and that applies to how citizens are taxed, regulated, and treated by the government. Justice also applies to criminal law, the environment, businesses, and bureaucracy. If everyone treats their fellow citizens with fairness and compassion, it creates stability and trust.

Peace is non-violence, which is of utmost importance when dealing with both fellow citizens and government. The use of force should always be discouraged, and violence condemned. Peaceful cooperation and interaction between taxpayers and government always results in a better democracy.

Honest government is essential for a true democracy, but is sorely lacking provincially and federally. Taxpayers fund everything that government does, and are expected to be honest in their financial reporting to government, but government itself is secretive and even obstructionist when it comes to fiscal accountability and transparency. Citizens deserve the honest government they pay for.

BC Green Book 2013

Our party platform and policies are outlined in detail in the Green Book 2013. The BC Green Party has specific ideas and plans to deal with every issue in our province.

Are you interested in education? Health care? Resource industries? Small businesses? Environmental protection? The BC Green Book covers these and many other topics and provincial concerns, offering specific solutions to current problems - not simplistic vague statements like what we hear from the government and opposition parties.

Please take time to check out the BC Green Party policies, and see if you agree with our plans to improve our province!

Vancouver West-End

This is the riding I will be running in for the May 14th, 2013 provincial election. Residents of Vancouver-West End will have an opportunity to vote Green with "Jodie Emery" on the ballot.

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Register to Vote

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