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Jodie Emery

I am a 28-year old businesswoman and political activist who has lived in downtown Vancouver for nine years. I've had a lifelong interest in individual freedom and autonomy, and I highly value principle, honesty, and justice.

My focus in activism has been on ending the failed policy of prohibition, which costs billions of dollars annually, contributes to overcrowded prisons and extreme policing, and puts public safety and civil liberties at risk.

I was born and raised in Kamloops, BC and graduated from St. Michael's University School in Victoria. In 2004 I moved to Vancouver to work as a drug policy reform activist with Marc Emery, the world's pre-eminent marijuana legalization activist, and became co-editor of Cannabis Culture Magazine with him in early 2005. Cannabis Culture ceased publication in 2009 but continues as a major online news source for the cannabis culture and anti-prohibition movement.

Marc and I were married in 2006, and he continues to be my hero and inspiration. In May 2010 the Conservative government extradited him to the United States to serve a five-year federal prison term punishment for his lifelong work on behalf of individual liberty and ending prohibition. Marc sold cannabis seeds through the mail to finance legalization activism and political campaigns worldwide, giving away everything he earned to the movement. He was betrayed by the federal government when they sanctioned his extradition despite opposition from many thousands of Canadians and numerous Members of Parliament, legislators and elected officials.

In 2009 the BC Green Party asked me to represent them in Vancouver-Fraserview for the provincial election. I was also appointed as the Olympic Critic and Policing & Crime Critic. With prohibition-related gun violence a top concern in the riding and across BC, my campaign focused on ending prohibition to end gang violence.

The riding became a high-profile race with significant media attention to my campaign's anti-prohibition message. My campaign focused on addressing gang violence by ending drug prohibition, calling for better law enforcement oversight and accountability, and pushing for improved government transparency.

I received 4.95% (837 total) of the vote and garnered a lot of media attention during my campaign. (Click here to see the results.) To see my 2009 BC Green Party election campaign website, with photos, videos, media, and more, please visit www.JodieForMLA.ca/MLA2009/HomePage.

The former chief constable of the West Vancouver Police Department and superintendent with the Vancouver Police Department, Kash Heed, won the riding. He has since been working with Stop The Violence BC to end marijuana prohibition, which was my primary message during the entire campaign. He even thanked me during a recent presentation (at 11:20) for keeping him honest about prohibition.

Like my husband, I am a passionate grassroots activist and spokesperson. I have participated in legalization ballot initiatives in California in November 2010 and Washington State in 2012, Moses Znaimer's Idea City conference in June 2012, the New Hampshire Liberty Forum in February 2012, plus many more rallies, protests and conferences in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Seattle, Boston and other cities in Canada and the United States.

My Op-Eds have been published in the Huffington Post and National Post, and I've had numerous interviews and letters to the editor featured in most major Canadian newspapers. I've been interviewed and featured on local, provincial and national TV and radio, as well as a number of documentaries. I film a weekly online broadcast called 'The Jodie Emery Show' with updates about Marc, various activist campaigns, and other news and ideas.

When Marc was extradited to the United States in May 2010, I became owner and operator of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, and Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture Headquarters store in downtown Vancouver. I currently employ 20 full- and part-time staff.

Also see: My 2009 electon blog.